Topic5th Centenary of the Circumnavigation of the World
Presented byDr. Angel Tortesillas
Date27th August 2019
TimeAt 6pm
PlaceSwakopmund Museum Lecture Hall

On Tuesday the 27th of August at 6pm at the Swakopmund Museum, the Director of the National Maritime Museum of Namibia, Dr. Angel Tortesillas, will be presenting a conference on the first circumnavigation of world by the Magellan & Elcano expedition (which sailed off the coast of current Namibia) between 1519 and 1522. The presentation will be in English.

The Topic

This event is brought to you in collaboration with the Spanish Embassy to Namibia and the Scientific Society Swakopmund.

We are celebrating 500 years of the Magellan and Elcano expedition, the first in its kind to circumnavigate the globe. The exhibition will be opened with a presentation by Dr Angel Tordesillas, the Coordinator of the National Maritime Museum in Lüderitz. The exhibition comprising scale models of boats, books, ancient maps, coins and navigation tools is exciting for both children and adults. It can be viewed in the museum until 10th September.

This marks a series of events about the Magellan and Elcano expedition that are taking place in both Windhoek and Swakopmund and will consist of the following:

  • 14th August – Classical guitar concert by the Spanish musician Rafael Serrallet, whose performance was inspired by the 1st Circumnavigation of the World and includes pieces from some of the best Spanish composers of all times (Enrique Granados, Joaquín Rodrigo, Julián Arcas). Rafael’s career expands over 25 years, having performed in some of the world´s most prestigious concert halls (New York Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall, Liceo de Barcelona, Cairo Opera House) and in more than 80 countries.
  • 27th of August to the 10th September – Exhibition of various objects from the related to the 1st Circumnavigation of the World: maps and navigation tools from the 16th and 17th centuries, five scale models of the Magellan & Elcano expedition boats, books, commemorative coins and medals, etc.
  • 27th August Conference by Dr. Angel Tordesillas (Chairman of the Lüderitz Waterfront Development Company and Coordinator of the National Maritime Museum).
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