About the Society

The Scientific Society Swakopmund is the governing body of the Swakopmund Museum and the Sam Cohen Library.

The Scientific Society Swakopmund collects, preserves and exhibits cultural goods and scientific objects. It serves furthermore as a platform to share scientific information through lectures, excursions, information distribution and publications such as the regularBerichte-Reports. The Society was founded in 1968 and is managed by a board of directors.

The Scientific Society Swakopmund was originally a regional subgroup of the S.W.A. Scientific Society, Windhoek. This regional body was founded in1951 to establish the Swakopmund Museum and secure its financial support. In 1968 the subgroup opted to become autonomous and the Society for Scientific Development, Swakopmund was established to optimise its administration and secure its importance at the coast.

In 2006 the society was renamed Scientific Society Swakopmund.

Furthermore, the beautifully renovated national heritage buildings Otavi Railway Station and the OMEG House form part of the Scientific Society Swakopmund.

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