USA scientists

25 August 2016 (Thursday), 18:00, Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources Auditorium, Strand Street, Swakopmund “What can dogs and other animals teach us about cancer?” By Prof. Matthew Breen and “African elephants can detect chemicals using olfaction: Implications of biomimicry for biosensor applications” By Dr. Stephen Lee VENUE: please note: Lecture will NOT be held at the usual venue, but […]

Coastal change

24. August (Wednesday), 18h00, Namibian Uranium Institute (opposite of the Mediclinic Cottage Hospital) “Sea Level and Coastline Change: Competition of Geological, Climatic and Anthropogene Impacts” by Prof. Jan Harff Prof. Harff works at the Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research in Warnemünde/Germany. For his work he received numerous outstanding rewards, such as the Krumbein-Medal of the International Association […]

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