Footsteps into the past

A documentary film about a scientific experiment An adventurous scientific experiment: European archaeologists and trackers from the Kalahari Desert work side by side to make sense of mysterious footprints left by humans during the last Ice Age.  This documentary follows a unique archaeological experiment which studies tracks left by our ancient ancestors during the Last […]

Last Lioness

“The last lioness – A journey from head to heart” After the screening of the film wildlife cameraman Herbert Braeuer shares how a wild predator guided him on an intense journey towards a deeper, conscious connection with Nature.   The film and talk will be presented in English, but questions may also be asked in German. […]

Greece lecture

Due to popular demand the talk about Greece by Prof. Obermair will be repeated (in German) „Von Odysseus bis Tsipras – Heldensagen, Abenteuergeschichten, Lügenmärchen – 3000 Jahre Griechenland“ 19h00 at the Swakopmund Museum

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