Sonenalle film

Film: Sonnenallee – Sun Avenue

FilmSonenalle – Sun Alley / Sun Avenue
Running Time101 Minutes
LanguageGerman with English subtitles
Date26th November 2019
TimeAt 19:00
PlaceSwakopmund Museum Lecture Hall

In collaboration with the German Embassy to Namibia, the Scientific Society Swakopmund will be screening the German film, “Sonenalle”, known as Sun Alley or Sun Avenue in English. The screening takes place on Tuesday the 26th of November at 7pm in the Swakopmund Museum Lecture Hall.

The Film

Sonnenallee (Sun Avenue or Sun Alley) is a 1999 comedy film about life in East Berlin in the late 1970s. The film was released shortly before the corresponding novel, Am kürzeren Ende der Sonnenallee (At the Shorter End of Sonnenallee). The movie and book emphasize the importance of pop-art and in particular, pop music, for the youth of East Berlin. The Sonnenallee is an actual street in Berlin that was intersected by the border between East and West during the time of the Berlin Wall, although it bears little resemblance to the film set.

Plot Summary

A group of kids grow up on the short, wrong (east) side of the ‘Sonnenallee’ in Berlin, right next to one of the few border crossings between East and West reserved for German citizens. The antics of these kids, their families, of the “West German” friends and relatives who come to visit, and of the East German border guards, all serve to illustrate the absurdity of everyday life on the Sonnenallee, and therefore throughout the former East Germany.

Watch the Trailer

Sonenalle film
Sonenalle showing 26th November 2019 19:00 @ Swakopmund Museum
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