Film: “Who Am I”

FilmWho Am I – Kein System ist sicher
Date14th March 2019
TimeAt 6pm
PlaceSwakopmund Museum Lecture Hall

On Thursday the 14th of March at 6pm we will be showing the Film “Who am I“.

As always the entrance is free of charge, as a contribution to the Scientific Society & Museum we kindly ask for a donation.

“Who Am I”

“Who Am I – No system is safe” is a German thriller (with English subtitles) produced by Baran bo Odar (2014). The movie takes place in Berlin and describes a hacker group that seeks global fame. The title of the movie alludes to the Unix-commando whoami which prints the effective username of the current user when invoked.

Benjamin (TOM SCHILLING) is invisible, a nobody. This changes abruptly when he meets charismatic Max (ELYAS M’BAREK).

Even though they couldn’t seem more different from the outside, they share the same interest: hacking. Together with Max’s friends, the impulsive Stephan (WOTAN WILKE MÖHRING) and paranoid Paul (ANTOINE MONOT), they form the subversive Hacker collective CLAY (CLOWNS LAUGHING @ YOU).

CLAY provokes with fun campaigns and speaks for a whole generation. For the first time in his life, Benjamin is part of something and even the attractive Marie (HANNAH HERZSPRUNG) begins noticing him. But fun turns into deadly danger when CLAY appears on the BKA’s (Bundeskriminalamt, Federal Criminal Police Office) as well as Europol’s most wanted list. Hunted by Cybercrime investigator Hanne Lindberg (TRINE DYRHOLM), Benjamin is no longer a nobody, but instead one of the most wanted hackers in the world.


I have seen the movie back in 2014 when it came to the cinemas and I surprised. I’ve rarely really seen such a good film made by a German movie studio. And it’s not only good for a German movie. It’s good overall.

Hacker movies often are boring and not well made. With many technical inaccuracies that don’t reflect the reality of things. Here that is not the case. Hacking is showed how it is really done and it makes sense and does not look silly. The action is well done and everything is well acted. The cast is interesting and all characters are different from each other. The music fits in with the action, the environment is beautifully dark and even the writing in the “Darknet” or in the hacker chat forums is well represented!

That makes for an amazing ride that you can’t take your eyes off.

It also has it’s flaws, but they are few. Some scenes are almost ridiculous For example the protagonist hiding under a table and police do not find him.

The end of this movie is really Christopher Nolan like and you don’t know what the HACK you’ve just seen.

You can go see this movie more than just once, so give it a chance and have fun. – Rigo, R.

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