Heritage Week 2021

The Scientific Society Swakopmund invites you to celebrate The Namibian Heritage week with the Swakopmund Museum and COSDEF Arts and Craft Centre! This year we have prepared exciting educational videos and workshops that have to do with fashion, the threads that bind us together.

🔸Online events are broadcasted on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube – Scientific Society Swakopmund and Cosdef Arts and Craft Centre.🔸Heritage Week Swakopmund is proudly brought to you by the Scientific Society Swakopmund in collaboration with Cosdef Arts & Craft Center, Swakopmund Municipality and Directorate of NHCP – Ministry of Education, Arts & Culture Erongo.

  1. Monday, 20 September 10:00 Heritage Week Official Opening

Venue: Swakopmund Museum

Dress: Fashionable traditional attire. All attendees are encouraged to wear a Namibian traditional attire of their choice.

Dignitaries will officially open the Heritage Week 2021 in Swakopmund and speak about the place and meaning of fashion in culture. The Scientific Society Swakopmund will present the new exhibition of Namibian Fashion items that looks into the history of traditional costume.

Monday, 20 September 14:00 “Upcycling a T-Shirt workshop” for adults (COSDEF), online event

            Fashion design trainer Kim Matheus will demonstrate how to give your old T-Shirt new life through making a few easy adjustments with hand-stitching, and decorating your shirt with off-cut material you might have lying around your house.

  • Tuesday, 21 September 10:00 “Upcycling an old shopping bag” workshop for kids (COSDEF), online event

      Fashion design trainer Kim Matheus will teach children how to decorate an old shopping bag by using fabric glue and cutting and pasting images from off-cut material. Let’s turn something old into something sparkling new by recycling old material.

 Tuesday, 21 September 14:00 “Ekipa – a precious jewel”, online event

  Some know it, some don’t, but Ekipa is not just pretty on the eyes, but has a story to tell. In this video you will learn how beautiful ekipas were created.

  • Wednesday, 22 September 10:00 “Leather accessories workshop” (COSDEF), online event

  Leather craft trainer Afas Mbura will show the audience how to turn off-cut pieces of leather and material into funky earrings.

      Wednesday, 22 September 14:00 “The Ovaherero headdress – Ekori”, online event

Have you ever wondered about a fascinating story behind Namibian vast array of headdresses! Let’s discuss one of them – the Ekori.

  • Thursday, 23 September 10:00 “Traditional Namibian dresses, past and present”, online event

      This video will show the colourful and marvellous heritage of Namibian people. Come join us as we step into another world – Fashion.

      Thursday, 23 September 14:00 “A forgotten way of communication (ostrich egg beads)”, online event

      Have you ever wondered how a beautiful ostrich shell bead necklace is created? Come join us for this short informative video!

  • Friday, 24 September 10:00 “Captain Salvador on a glass bead journey”, online event

Captain Salvador finds some bottles on his journey. He brings them to his good friend Nadz to figure out what to do and they go hunting for some glass beads.

Friday, 24 September 14:00 “Photographic memories of forgotten and unique fashion”, online event

Let the Curator of the Swakopmund Museum take you on a journey back to the past where fashion has been a little different from today. We will study its meaning, its expression and the stories behind it.

  • Saturday, 25 September 10:00 “Fashion Show” of creations made in workshops (COSDEF), online event

 Participants in the workshops are encouraged to send COSDEF photographs of all their creations which will be added into a compilation video and posted online.

  • Sunday, 26 September 10:00 “Facebook photo competition video”, online event

The Scientific Society Swakopmund encouraged Namibians to send photos of them wearing traditional attire and accessories. Let’s enjoy the diversity of Namibian fashion in this exciting video!

Sunday, 26 September 14:00 “My dress, my culture” video, online event

Why is fashion important to us? How does it represent our culture and individuality? Let’s see what Namibians think about fashion.

  • Monday – Saturday, 20-25 September 10:00-17:00 Guided tours on request

Venue: Swakopmund Museum

The Curator of the Swakopmund Museum Nadine Phiri will take you on a guided tour to give you a cultural fashion experience with unique insights into the heritage of fashion. What does an ostrich egg have to do with fashion? Could a glass bottle be turned into a fashion statement? Come join us and go on an adventure!

To book a tour, please contact Nadine Phiri at 081 294 7344 or email: n.phiri@sciswk.com.

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