Lecture: “Coastal deserts with a close look at the Namib desert”

TopicCoastal deserts with a close look at the Namib desert
Presented byProf. Sharon Nicholson
Date12 November 2019
TimeAt 6pm
PlaceSwakopmund Museum Lecture Hall

On Tuesday the 12th of November at 6pm Prof. Sharon Nicholson will present a lecture on Coastal deserts with a special focus on the Namib. The lecture will he held in English at the Swakopmund Museum Lecture Hall.

The Topic

The coastal deserts are some of the driest locations in world, yet they sustain a diverse and thriving population of plants and animals.
This talk by the meteorologist Prof. Sharon Nicholson considers the global distribution of coastal deserts and the meteorological factors which shape them.

Here a close look is taken at two deserts where the coastal jet is well developed, the Peruvian-Atacama Desert and the Namib Desert. Both are characterized by a high frequency of fog. Examples of the adaptations, the fogs and the climate of the Namib is described in detail. Finally, the question is raised as to the association between the jets and the fog and implications this might have for future climate change.

Prof. Nicholson is a Distinguished Research Professor in the Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science Department at Florida State University. She has won numerous honors, including the Hugh Robert Mill Medal of the Royal Meteorological Society and the Charles E. Anderson Award of the American Meteorological Society. Currently she is a Fulbright Global Scholar at Gobabeb.

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