Extended Road to Namibia

My Journey defined who I am today – The extended Road to Namibia

TopicMy Journey defined who I am today
The extended Road to Namibia
Presented by Dr. Vickey Do Cabo
Date4th February 2020
TimeAt 6pm
PlaceSwakopmund Museum Lecture Hall

On Tuesday the 4th of February at 6pm Dr Vickey Do Cabo will present a lecture titled “The extended Road to Namibia, My Journey defined who I am today”, this lecture is part of our Long Road to Namibian Independence Lecture series.

The Topic

Dr. Vickey Do Cabo is a Namibian Geologist and is currently serving as Director of Mapping and Geo-information at the Geological Survey of Namibia

The talk is about a life journey that took her into the World at a tender age. As a refugee, she first lived in the camps in Angola and was later sent to study in Cuba where she completed primary and secondary education. Later she ended up in the then Czechoslovakia to start studying geology. During her second year of studies in 1989, she returned to Namibia to vote in the independence elections of Namibia, and with the simultaneous changes of the socialist system, the opportunity to return to Czechoslovakia was gone. The talk also describes the times when she started working at the Geological Survey of Namibia as a student geologist, living and studying in Finland and later in the United Kingdom.

In short her unusual life story emphasizes her early days in the village, a refugee life, exposure to a number of cultural differences, and success in life as a result of perseverance.

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