Book Launch: Embers of a Campfire

Trapped in a cave with a black mamba, pinned down by an elephant bull, charged by a buffalo at night, attacked twice on the same day by crocodiles, sitting with lions at kills at night as they feed….these are some of the adventures of one of Botswana’s oldest professional guides.Through countless encounters with wildlife in a lifetime spent out of doors, Lloyd Wilmot has survived to record some of his many adventures.

Current status of German-Namibian relations – presented by Ambassador Christian-Matthias Schlaga

Topic Status of Namibian-German relations Presented by Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Namibia,Christian-Matthias Schlaga Language English Date 4th June 2019 Time At 7pm Place Swakopmund Museum Lecture Hall On Tuesday the 4th of June at 7pm the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Namibia, Christian-Matthias Schlaga will present his views […]

Presentation: The Information Age

On Tuesday the 26th of March at 6pm, the lecture “The Information Age” by Rigo Reddig (Information Systems Engineer – IT Security) will be held in the Museum.

Entrance as always will be Free, but donations are welcome.

The Presentation will be in English and covers all manner of interesting things about the Internet and the Age of Information we live in.

It is designed, to be accessible, for anyone with a curious mind, technical experience not required.

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