On 29 October 2020 we present the lecture about ground pangolin in Swakopmund Museum

Presentation: Temminck’s ground pangolin in Namibia

TopicTrying to understand a species worth saving: Temminck’s ground pangolin in Namibia
Presented byKelsey Prediger (Research Associate and Student of the Biodiversity Research Centre-NUST)
Date29 October 2020
TimeAt 6pm
Place Swakopmund Museum Lecture Hall

On the 29th of October at 6pm we present the lecture ” Trying to understand a species worth saving: Temminck’s ground pangolin in Namibia ” in the Swakopmund Museum Lecture Hall.

The entrance is free, donations welcome.

The Topic

Pangolins are considered the most trafficked mammal in the world, yet they remain one of the least understood species. Despite this status, very little research has been done in Africa on the ecology of pangolin and how we can help those individuals which are being trafficked. Ongoing research on understanding the basic ecology of Temminck’s ground pangolin is guiding stakeholders in making informed decisions about species conservation management plans and release protocols for trafficked individuals. These stakeholders collectively formed the Namibian Pangolin Working Group in April 2020 to create guidelines which aid in pangolin conservation.

Namibia Pangolin Working Group (NPWG)
Chaired by the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism (MEFT), the Group includes the Namibian Chamber of Environment (NCE), the Namibia University of Science and Technology’s Biodiversity Research Centre (NUST-BRC), Rooikat Trust, and the Namibia Animal Rehabilitation Research and Education Centre (NARREC). The Working Group was established in April 2020 to coordinate and drive pangolin conservation and research in Namibia; focusing on reducing the impacts of illegal wildlife trade on this species and understanding its broader conservation needs.

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