Public Screening: Democracy for the Gullible

FilmPublic Screening: Democracy for the Gullible
Running Time52Minutes
Date16th October 2019
TimeAt 6pm
PlaceSwakopmund Museum Lecture Hall

In collaboration with the Goethe Institute Namibia for Science Week 2019, the Scientific Society Swakopmund will be screening the Film, “Democracy for the Gullible”. The screening takes place on Wednesday the 16th of October at 6pm in the Swakopmund Museum Lecture Hall.

The Film

In less than 20 years, the World Wide Web has interconnected mankind in an unprecedented way. The Internet revolution has had a much deeper impact than all the other media on all human behavior, affecting our way of thinking itself. Opinions and journalism are all put on the same level, without hierarchy or reserve. The Internet has thus become an unprecedented springboard for “conspiracy” and disinformation.

Inspired by Gérald Bronner’s bestselling book, “The Democracy of the Gullible”, the film looks at the natural predisposition of our brains for nonsense, and how conspiracy myths gain the spirit of our contemporaries. In this context, does knowledge still have a chance in the face of belief?

Watch the Trailer

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