Public Screening – Our Fascinating Planet: The Malay Archipelago

FilmOur Fascinating Planet: The Malay Archipelago
Running Time43 Minutes
Date14th October 2019
TimeAt 6pm
PlaceSwakopmund Museum Lecture Hall

In collaboration with the Goethe Institute Namibia, the Scientific Society Swakopmund will be screening the Film, “Our Fascinating Planet: The Malay Archipelago”. The screening takes place on Monday the 14th of October at 6pm in the Swakopmund Museum Lecture Hall.

The Film

The Malay Archipelago is an El Dorado for naturalists. Even before Charles Darwin published his theory on the origin of species, the riches of the islands once led a certain Alfred Russel Wallace to the answer to the question: Where does the abundance of species come from? Which developed eventually into the question of all questions: Where do we come from?

The archipelago with its unusual inhabitants helped Alfred Russel Wallace to reach conclusions that would change the world. Until today this world emanates a special fascination. In Borneo and Sulawesi Dirk Steffens traces back the footsteps of Alfred Russel Wallace.  

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