Special exhibition by the Ocean Conservation Namibia (OCN)

The special exhibition about “Seal rescues and entanglements” from Ocean Conservation Namibia will officially be opened in the Swakopmund Museum on Tuesday, 14 June 2022. It will run until 12 August 2022. During the exhibition there will be screenings of short videos of seal rescues and other ocean related videos from OCN in the Museum Lecture Hall every day 10-17 o’clock.

On Wednesday, 6 July 18:00, the OCN will make a public lecture in the Swakopmund Museum.

Ocean Conservation Namibia

Naude and Katja Dreyer established Ocean Conservation Namibia in 2020 with the primary objective to help entangled seals and other marine animals along the Namibian coast. In 2020 and 2021, Naude and his team rescued over 1200 seals from entanglement.

Through observation, direct action, exposure and education OCN hopes to motivate individuals all over the world to change their own behaviour towards a sustainable future. Over 680.000 subscribers follow OCN’s rescue videos every day on Youtube. Each view, comment and share has helped to create more awareness for our seals’ dire situation and the general condition of our oceans. https://www.ocnamibia.org

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