Whale festival 2021 at the Swakopmund Museum

The Scientific Society Swakopmund is celebrating the arrival of whales to Swakopmund!

On 13 June at 16:00 we will hold whale migration and whale entanglements presentations by the activist Lloyd Edwards and scientists from Namibian Dolphin Project. Food and drinks will be available from the food stalls.

Lloyd Edwards is following the whales on Southern African Humpback Migration Route giving educational talks on the cetaceans. He will cover the evolution, different groups and their migration, the birth and nursing of calves, the role of the males, sub-adults and receptive females and the long journey home. Also covered will be the dangers facing the calf, killer whale predators, ship strikes, entanglements and exhaustion caused by lack of food reserves.

Scientists from the Namibian Dolphin project will give a local perspective on whales and dolphins in Namibian waters.

The entrance is free, donations welcome.

P.S. According to the current COVID-19 protocol, the maximum of 50 people is allowed.

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