We actually need to collect everything

“We actually need to collect everything!”

TopicAfrican artefacts in colonial collections and restitution demands in Namibia
Presented by Dr. Dag Henrichsen
Date11th February 2020
TimeAt 6pm
PlaceSwakopmund Museum Lecture Hall

On Tuesday the 11th of February at 6pm the historian Dr. Dag Henrichsen will present the lecture “We actually need to collect everything!” in the Swakopmund Museum.

The Topic

“Why did colonial European scientists attempted to “collect everything”? Colonial collection institutions such as museums and archives encompass violent appropriations and utopian visions on vast scales. Today, they house vast collections of knowledge splinters of all sorts which have become a political liability and are increasingly the subject of international negotiations.”

In this presentation the Namibian historian Dr. Dag Henrichsen (University of Basel, Switzerland) sketches some of the historical contexts in which European appropriations and visions operated. In particular, late 19th century contexts of African agency and as such also acts of resistance and restitution in central and northern Namibia are discussed.

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